Message from Academic Director

In the transition to a digital society, we see and generate huge amounts of data in the form of numbers, text, sound or even images in business operations, e-commerce, financial analysis and our daily life activities.

For example, we have a lot of information from high-frequency financial trading, social interaction, database marketing and healthcare operations. While business enterprises have great opportunities in making use of data to advance their businesses, it is also challenging to convert the data to information assets which help build business strategies and achieve long-term business goals. I am pleased to introduce to you the Master of Science in Business Analytics program (MSBA), which aims at nurturing professionals and market leaders in developing business analytics solutions in various business domains.

A main feature of the MSBA is to have close links to industry and global trends. The curriculum balances the need of frontier statistical methodologies, business insights, information systems and operations management tools to handle hot business problems. We strongly believe our alumni will be equipped with the right knowledge and the ability to excel at the right time with the huge demand for business analytics professionals in the market.

I look forward to seeing you on the MSBA program!

Prof Mike K P SO
MSBA Academic Director